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WashGuys Team Member Served on USS Abraham Lincoln

The WashGuys have a long history of team members serving and defending this nation and supporting freedom world wide. Pictured here on the left is Sailor Anfinson, who is the (step) Grandson to a California team member. He was so grateful that the President of the United States thanked him personally for serving our nation and assisting in the liberation of Iraq. His parents, grandparents and our team are so proud of him.

How fitting to serve on the USS Abraham Lincoln and be thanked for liberating a whole country by the Commander in Chief. Abraham Lincoln is known for freeing the salves in  this country and on this day Sailor Anfinson and his closest crew members and friends were thanked for their service to America and her ideals. This personal visit will never be forgotten and it speaks volumes for the leadership of this country. It shows the spirit of America and what can be accomplished when working together towards the common good.

God Bless America, we thank you along with President Bush for serving this great nation. We thank all the troops.


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