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Car Washing and Detailing Services at the Exclusive Val Vista Community Available

The Detail Guys have been invited into Val Vista and accepted as the communities choice for Auto Detailing Services. The Team keeps getting bombarded with new business and is worried about running out of business cards if it keeps up.

Val Vista is one of the most premier communities in Arizona and they absolutely love The Detail Guys. The people who live in Val Vista are not slumming it and it is absolutely a high-end neighborhood with cars and SUVs to match. We now have standing appointments within the gates and the list is growing.

It appears the Detail Guys are making waves as one competing Detail Shop in Tempe, AZ is selling their shop and quitting business. Their 2 1/2 Bay Detail Shop is for sale for take over payments and 40K. The business appraised at $58,900.00, but the price keeps going down. Detail Guys have also announced the opening of Tempe, AZ into their service area. The Detail Guys are working well into the evening hours even with Daylight savings time, as Arizona does not do time changes, they remain the same time every year and let other states change for them.

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