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Detail Guys Truck Mount Unit Prototype a Success

The Detail Guys Truck Mounted Prototype is a Success. So far this unit has been on the road for two weeks and the customers love it. As a matter of fact at 24-Hour fitness in Gilbert, AZ it showed up for a Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Meeting and ended up staying nearly all day washing and waxing cars, trucks and SUVs for all the work-out-a-holics. It's first day of work in the first parking lot it went to, a high end office and professional complex it stayed all day and had to return the next two days just to complete all the work.

The funniest thing was and this is our fault, the signage was not on it yet. That's right no signage yet, we got backed up in our production and the truck was scheduled to hit service and we did not have enough time to get the truck over to the sign vendor. But that did not stop our customers from wanting our award winning service. In just two weeks the route is filling up by word of mouth and they are busy everyday. The team is getting faster and more efficient and it appears they will reach many of their first month goals. Unbelievable that you can run a unit on just your good looks with no signage for two weeks and still have more work than you can handle?

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