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Major Competitor Challenges The Detail Guys

The Detail Guys Go To War and we will use everything in our arsenal to achieve a most expedient and complete victory.

Michael Heagy, owner and sole proprietor of "The Number 1 Detail Company" in Las Vegas and a major competitor challenges The Detail Guys to the Las Vegas Market. Michael Heagy asserts he has 30% of the high end Detailing Market under wrap and there is no way Detail Guys can even compete.

Michael in an email challenges The Detail Guys and states he is the PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER OF THE #1 DETAIL COMPANY IN VEGAS SINCE 1984.

We were quite shocked to find that anyone had such a following and 30% market share, wow. Michael also states: " PS IF YOU WANT TO BUY CHEMICALS AND TOWELS WE ALSO HAVE THE BEST OF THESE TO. GOOD LUCK"

We thank Michael for wishing us GOOD LUCK, although one would have to ask himself is the Detail Guys successes in it's markets due to something as trivial as "LUCK?" Well as luck would have it, no, we are thankful to have any and all luck which comes our way, however we would never rely on such a thing. Maybe that is just a Las Vegas attitude. We are not big gamblers. We believe in strength of honor, strength of character, strength of customer, strength of service and strength of equipment. We will leave wishes of good luck to you Michael. Good Friggin Luck big guy? Las Vegas will soon be nothing but Detail Guys Country.

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