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$100.00 Dragster Paint Scheme Challenge from Team Yellow

As many of you know Team Yellow has the need for speed.

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What we need here is a good paint scheme to show the world the Team Yellow is on the move, big time. Our friend and driver Lee Miller is serious about racing and we are serious about winning. We are offering $100.00 for the best paint scheme, for the Lee Machine.

Team Yellow is interested in the Power Component of the dragster as you can see. It is not cheap racing Dragsters, but it is quite a rush. Adrenaline for sale. Can you say see ya?

If you are into racing you can certainly appreciate this. If you are not, take our word for it. This machine is clean and runs the top brand of motor oil. It is about strength of Character at these speeds and massive acceleration bursts. Believe us when we tell you Lee Miller is thrives on the adrenaline, he loves to win and as far as strength of character, well that is not an issue.

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