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Fabricator of Prototype Detailing Truck Goes Beyond Call of Duty and Delivers Above Expectations

Custom Fabricator with 30 years experience working with some of the Fortune 500s largest Oil Field and Oil Exploration Companies delivers above franchise expectations. James, President of Arizona Frame and Fabrication, brings his experience from the oil drilling and exploration industry to the Automotive Detailing Industry. Never underestimate a man who has lived and breathed stress in a must do, can do , will do environment.

We have brought you some more pictures of the latest accomplishments on the unbelievable story and conquest in the fabrication, construction and modification of the nicest custom detailing truck prototype ever created.

I would like to challenge the people at Detail King, Ziebart, Tidy Car to build a more efficient and cleaner mobile detailing truck. Then if they can muster the team to come close, let them compete in the free market system against the one, the only, the intense Team Yellow.

We challenge all and let the customer be the judge as they vote with their hard earned US Dollar for The Detail Guys. The winning, well it is just beginning. Someone needs to comp the competition a free airfare out of town. Can you say SEE YA.

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