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Prototype Isuzu Wash Truck Gets Paint

The 2003 Prototype Isuzu Wash Truck gets painted in time to meet Q2 Deadline for service. Ready to rock in the fastest growing city in the fastest growing state in North America. Yes, that is right Queens Creek, AZ is the fastest growing city in AZ, which is the fastest percentage growing population in the United States. The only faster growing population is hopefully in Guantonamo Bay, Cuba where we are rounding up International Terrorists for a long stay. Of course the housing prices are much cheaper accommodations in Cuba, and none of the newest high-end housing projects in Queens Creek come with an arrow facing towards Mecca in them to alert people which way to pray. Only beautiful new homes in Queens Creek from the 300's with incredible water features, country clubs, new schools, highend office complexes and parks surrounding them.

If we see any International Evil-Doers in Queens Creek we will definitely wax them, by running them over and then backing up as part of our civic duty to keep the area clean. Notice the strong bumper of solid steal. Yes that is right, just in case we see an international terrorist rest assured they will not be able to remember the number of the truck that ran over their face. This Detail Guys Truck Mounted Unit is also perfect for the crazy brain melted local drivers of the region. If they cannot stop, they can be thankful that they are running into the best Auto Detailing Truck on the Planet.

We have to thank the Prototype Team in Arizona for their best efforts to bring to fruition this newest innovation and prototype model for the Detail Guys. When we say Team Yellow and The Detail Guys are coming to town, we mean it.

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