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Custom Auto Detailing Truck for Customer Service Nearly Complete

000032703_1.jpg (11458 bytes)Our Custom Auto Detailing Truck for Customer Service Nearly Complete. This is the latest version of the Brand New 2003 Models to hit the road. This unit will be joining the newest franchisee in Queen's Creek, AZ. Queen's Creek is the Fastest growing City in American currently. Obviously we are going to be there to service the demand.

Wal-Mart has not even opened yet, but the Detail Guys are ready to go. Expect a Wal-Mart and Albertson's Store by mid 2004. When you are racing to win and have no competitors who can muster the Might, you must move to secure and dominate the Sight. If you fail to meet the challenges you FACE when you are Right, you cannot expect the checkered flag at the end of the RACE.

As you can see this latest prototype is almost there and will be almost maxed out the second it hits the road. The explosive growth of such a region is a challenge for any company. We accept that challenge, along with our Newest Franchisee Team Member, Mr. Jay Erickson.

Jay Erickson was recruited to our team from United Auto, The Roger Penske Auto Group, the Mammoth Number Two Auto Dealership Consolidator in the US. The North American Factory Vice President from Audi shook his hand good bye along with the Western Region United Auto VP. It was a very sad day indeed, for they lost their Top Producer in AZ for 2002, Jay "The Killer" Erickson. But it was a great and ominous day for the fastest growing city in America and an Awesome and most glorious day for The Detail Guys.

If you will look closely at this 2003 Detail Guys Truck in Progress, which will hit the road in one week from today, you will see the preparation that goes into the work flow and design element to maximize efficiency. James the Chief Engineer and Builder on the project is no stranger to celebrity status, even before engineering this marvel in design, his daughter is an actress and model in Los Angeles, CA home to twelve of the World's Top Entertainment Companies.

Many people often ask where do we find these great people? Well, let us put it this way, when we see someone making waves in any industry we seek to find out what all the fuss is about, and every once in a while we find the fastest drag boat is the one making the waves. God's Speed to Jay Erickson. He is about to pierce the boundary of the Matrix and take Detailing in the Western States to a whole new level.

When discussing "thinking out side the box" with Jay. Mr. Erickson had only one thing to say...What box?

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