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New Truck Bed Vendor Contracted for Prototype

We have contracted with Arizona Frame and Fabrication to build our newest prototype of the Detail Guys Truck Beds. We have been worried in the past that our units were too small to service the demand. We therefore went on a hunt for the perfect vendor to build us an unobtrusive truck bed to meet and exceed our demands. This brought us to Mesa, Arizona where Jim Norman and Jim Grandstaff practice their trade. Many new innovations went into this design. We wanted to make sure that the Detail Guys kept their Brand Identity as the high end service of WashGuys.

We have always been careful to see that each Brand carry it's own weight. Detail Guys detail cars for high net worth individuals, while Car Wash Guys wash every car in sight. By customizing the truck beds to look like no other work vehicle and to be eye pleasing when working in a gated community, golf course country club, medical center or Downtown skyscraper.

As you can see by the workings and on-going innovation of this prototype, we are working hard to make the unit durable, efficient and image perfect. As we hit the drawing board several times and spent hours of shop time contemplating all the necessities of work flows and ascetics, we found the best possible solutions to all.

Some of the most interesting ideas came from Jim and were immediately implemented. A cut out for the wheels as opposed to tool box square fenders and mud flaps. This especially good in areas like NM, AZ, West TX where the dirt is red clay and would splash on the sides and stick. Also good in areas where it rains once a day certain times of the year or all day in some. Such as Florida, Louisiana, Oregon, Washington. Also in the Colder Climates where there is snow, slush and adverse winter weather. Sides were also offset a few inches out ward to allow snow build up to remove itself as the truck drives.

Another great innovation for areas where people drive like shit and run into things, was a solid "oh my god, look out" bumper from Hell. If you can't stop you will be in a world of hurt quickly. Where do people drive like crap? Los Angeles, Atlanta, Seattle, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Miami, Tampa, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Memphis, D.C., New York, Philly, Detroit and Chicago for starters. And for sure the Indianapolis wannabe's in Indiana, you don't need to tell them where the gas pedal is.

Also we have been re-designing the rear lights to be more of a European Style, no not French. These lights will be very aerodynamic and set in at an angle to further distinguish this unit as the Official Detail Guys Show truck. We have also chosen Isuzu due to the availability of used trucks in the $10,000 range and easily financed. Also these used trucks are bought with under 60K miles and are generally good to 225,000 miles without major engine work. We are in a recession and we need to expand rapidly. Of course we also have GMAC ready to work with our team members on OAC with a new Isuzu NPR unit as well. We are especially happy with the visibility of the Isuzu and the sharp turning radius to save us time and hassle when negotiating in tight areas or heavy traffic. We are also working with Paradise Valley Motors for acquisition of these pre-owned refurbished units, many coming out of places such as Reno, NV.

It takes good logistics to win a war, we know that and there is not fiercer competition than in the automotive after market industry as things remain strong even considering the fact that we are emerging from the worst recession since the 1929 Depression. We were here yesterday and we will damn well be here tomorrow. Our team is as solid as the American Steel of the Detail Guys Bumper from Hell.

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