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Detail Guys meet up with Fox News Team

The Detail Guys met up with the Fox News Team at Danny's Truck Resort in Phoenix, AZ last week. The Fox Sports News Team was on their way to Monterrey Mexico for one week to cover the World Cart Races. As we got our own truck detailed the Fox News Team waited patiently as the crew detailed all the aluminum wheels and diamond plate for an excellent showing. Just incase anyone thinks these guys are not serious, let us tell you, you don't even know.

This is one of the five units in caravan and it is the editing media mobile. Just look at the sophisticated editing room where editors must chop, cut and edit video on the fly during races. This is not for the weak hearted when seconds count and you have a commercial break and real live time feed running to edit and zoom in and slow mo the show. And believe us when we tell you that this is not a one man operation.

Skilled technicians waste no time, there is no time to waste. Yes, we know it sounds like the Detail Guys right? Yes and multiply that times ten. And that is just the video replay rooms, what about audio, that's right audio, ever hear the NASCAR cars as they round the curve, you'll never forget that sound when you are at the Daytona 500, where life and death is on the line at 200 plus miles per hour. Well these guys make it sound like you are sitting at the fence.

And you think the IT business had laid off a lot of people? Not in the media, it takes the best of the best engineer to run this equipment and keep it all linked up and humming. And there can be no delays of game, excuses or time outs. Because this is real life and real racing where no one stops for anything. Not even to go to the bathroom, this is a sport like no other, brought to you by the team who gave us the tour, Fox Sports.

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