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Team  Wash Guys Enlists the Architecture Talents of I-5 Design

The Car Wash Guys have switched to "I-5 Designs" for our New Fixed Site Car Washes. They have had experience in 22 states and can design and make whatever we can dream up to attract customers. Now The Detail Guys Fixed Site Division, Detail Guys Co-Brands, Truck Wash Guys, Car Wash Guys Fixed Site Division can all benefit from this newest Approved Vendor Team Member.

As we travel the country to find great locations and proper demographics we realize that image is the key in the hearts and minds of the consumers. As the automobile continues to be an extension of one's personality, this nation of cars will need car washes which project that sentiment. I-5 Design does that in so many ways. On the inside and the outside they understand the image conscience customer.

There is no easy way to stay ahead of the competition, it requires a commitment to go beyond the others to surpass the best. We have traveled the country and have viewed the competition and even given kudos on our web site to those who have made the Founder's Awards. It is not just about the building it is also very important to pay attention to signage, and with I-5 Design we now have a cohesive plan to fully integrate buildings, signage, onsite Detail Shops and interior aesthetics.

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