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Detail Guys Visit Nations Automotive Proving Grounds

It is not every day that you get to go explore the off-limits secret proving grounds of the leading automobile manufacturers. But if you are really persistent you just might find that there are times when they open their doors and let you see what goes into making cars. Cars sold in America are some of the safest equipment sold anywhere in the world. If you are lucky you just might see some pretty weird stuff being tested. For instance this Solar Car at the GM Proving grounds in Mesa, AZ.

We recently went to the Ford Proving Grounds between Kingman, AZ and Lake Havasu City, AZ. We learned a lot about how tests were measured, what they meant and why this is a crucial part of making cars safe for the members of our families.

But that is not all the drivers as well as the cars get a physical work out every day, where they push the cars to the limit until they fail. Many times that is hundreds if not thousands of hours. Then they tear the cars down and put them back together and offer constructive criticism in manufacturing criteria.

We have now been to eleven of the nations proving grounds and were able to talk to those involved in the testing and evaluations of the automobiles that we clean and polish everyday. Many were interested in hearing what we had to say about the ease of washing or the frustrations of leaks, window seals, body trim, rear view mirrors and grills which cut fingers when cleaning.



Simulated bumps in the road, obstacle courses, straight always, they had it all. All in the name of performance, efficiency, safety and longevity. Ford has many proving grounds across the country, some you can see diagrams, some where they stop testing even if a light aircraft flies over. This is serious business, big business. In 2002 just over 16.8 million cars were sold. Many of them looked very similar and each one trying to better the efforts and image in the minds of the consumer over the competition

As we have learned there are many factors concerning safety, from safety devises such as seat belts, controllability and of course as we have recently seen with the Firestone-Ford problem tires. This is why manufacturers go out of their way to provide the best advise to their car owners about what tires to use, how much air pressure and even what brands.

Even still there are plenty of young up and coming aspiring attorneys ready to sue the pants off the Big Three or another manufacturer as soon as the slightest signs of safety issues appear. this is another reason why we do not have fuel cell cars yet. Who on Earth is willing to take the risk with this new technology just have all their profits given to attorneys in class-action lawsuits? Even our team who relies on vendors who sell us products such as glass cleaners, Rain-X and other products that could be a factor in an accident must be careful. This is why we work very hard to promote safe products. So do the manufacturers of automobiles.

And of course the auto manufacturers are not dummies they want you as a customer, even if you have the unfortunate occur such as an accident. We need you alive and well too, and back on the road in a new car that needs a wash. When you die, the auto manufacturers lose a customer and so do the Detail Guys. It is extremely hard to detail out dents this size.

Some of the tests we wished we could have participated in, however we were happy to get a poster of a test that was done as a consolation prize. On the walls of these places are many insane tests, high speed roll over maneuvers, etc. All looked fine for the dare devil in you, but hardly for a single mom in a Honda Car or a Soccer Mom in an SUV. Never the less, there they are sometimes in secret, sometimes for the magazines, but always doing what they love to do. Pushing cars, trucks and specialized SUVs to their absolute limits. Talk about fun.

The best of all when these vehicles are done testing, someone has to clean them. And yes we are here to serve.

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