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Wash Guys to Host Boy Scout Fundraiser

The Car Wash Guys of Jacksonville, Team up with Toyota and the Greenlight Organization Energy Group to host the biggest ever Boy Scout Car Wash Fundraiser in North East Florida in January of 2003. We also hope to set all records in Jacksonville for car wash fundraisers, while simultaneously using all the secret Best Management Practices for WashGuys to save water. The Group will be putting on this event using the plans from our own "How to Run a Successful Car Wash" e-book.

The event scheduled will be so big that it was put off until next year.  This will allow everyone to be able to plan so that it runs smoothly.  The leadership of the group wants to lead by example to show the kids how things can be accomplished through team work.

We at the WashGuys believe in the traditions of the Boy Scouts and support the kids as they learn discipline, integrity and honor.  It is these timeless values of such an organization, which give our young people the experience they need to build a better tomorrow.  No matter what anyone says about the being "politically correct" we stand tall and proud and support the Boy Scouts as these young boys grow into men and will become our future leadership.  We believe the young adults will have future obligations so great to protect the future of this nation that we must be there now to help them with the funding necessary to help them achieve greatness through team work, dedication, perseverance and commitment.

When Boy Scouts work together and help raise their own funds as we provide the use of our environmentally and water conservation equipment, the young men learn so much more.  they learn the value of team work, money, water purity and water conservation and with these funds they use to buy uniforms, earn badges, go to the Jamboree or on an outing where they learn even more of what it means to work together.   Perhaps this is why we feel so strongly the importance of teaching kids to fish, instead of giving them a fish.  In our efforts to help kids, we do more than just raise money we build strength of character, isn't that what being a Boy Scout is all about?

We applaud Terry Hutchinson and his WashGuys Team in Northern Florida for their efforts to continue the tradition of the WashGuys.  Terry is owner of the Franchise of Detail Guys and Car Wash Guys in Tallahassee and Jacksonville, Florida. 

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