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PDA Wireless Credit Card Transactions Option Added

The Detail Guys and Car Wash Guys add "PDA Wireless Credit Card Transactions Option." We have just completed negotiations to bring our team one step closer to the latest and greatest technology that the Industry has to offer. Not the washing Industry, the entire service industry. That is right we were the first company to add PDA Wireless ordering for customers and now we are the first franchise company in the United States to a onsite mobile PDA Wireless Credit Card Transactions Option for our franchisees and customers.

Yes we have negotiated incredible discount rates for our team, whether online order or in person.
Yes our team can manage their accounts online from the Detail Trailer, Wash Truck or On-site tent.
Yes the whole damn thing fits in your hand just like Bill Gates predicted in his book "The Road Ahead"
Yes this system works with any of our WashGuy Prepaid Cards
Yes we will have instant verification via wireless network, money hits account in 3 days or less.
Yes a batch sheet print-out of Gift Certificates, Wash Cards and on site details is available anytime.
Yes all customers will receive a print-out receipt for tax deductions for company autos and trucks.

The Detail Guys and The Car Wash Guys are getting pretty upset that the competition cannot keep up with us and keeps copying everything we do. Can't any other company out there get their act together and come up with a new innovation or two. Isn't there another company out there with the energy, balls and initiative to seek out the market place for the latest and greatest that the Industry can offer? The answer is no, and that is just the way it is for now. Some day we hope to find some competition who has what it takes to work at our level. The future is now, the future is here, so what's their excuse? We win again and with each victory our customer joins us in a more seamless and streamlined model of real time service up and beyond their expectations. We wish to thank the customer for driving us so hard even when the competition will not or cannot. We want to take this opportunity to tell the customers out there;

Thank You for making us number one, Again !!!

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