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Detail Guys Announce Top Manager of Q4

Detail Guys Announced that the top manager of Q4 is Jason Lancaster. It was a close race considering the many states, which brought us in qualified contestants from our many teams. As many of you know it is hard to choose a winner in these contests, but we have looked at all aspects of these manager's performance, expertise, stress situation decision skills, quality of work produced, number of days accident free and image of team. The Jason has truly been inspirational.

He has trained all of the team members of his double shift crews, expanded the business when there was no extra space and is planning a strategic assault on the entire Detailing Market in Tallahassee Florida. Also pictured is a former trainee, now crew leader who has been with Tallahassee, Florida's team for six months and is an expert buffer, Durwin Matthews is pictured here as he buffs ever so slightly on this Toyota Forerunner.

Let us give you a little history about Jason. Jason's dad owns 5 Car Dealerships in Virginia Beach, VA and his grandfather owned five body shops, so needless to say Jason started his career in detailing at age ten, yes age ten. Jason did wholesale detailing, mobile detailing and eventually retail detailing. With over five years in purely retail detailing he knows how to train teams to meet and exceed customer expectations, imagine how happy the wholesale Detail Guy's customers are when used car trade-ins look show room and new cars coming off the trucks look better than showroom. "Jason the Stud" now has his sites on immediately dominating all detailing sectors in Tallahassee and then attacking the markets in Gainesville, but with Jason the sky really is the limit because he does not believe in limits.

Jason is a winner and he can do anything, this is way he is on the team and why the Detail Guys can never be beat. We are great because of our team and Jason's Leadership and hard work ethic have made his team, our team the number one detailing company in Florida's State Capital.

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