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Detail Guys Approve CLB Enterprises at Alcoa, Corp.

The Detail Guys have approved CLB Enterprises at Alcoa Corporation for aluminum polish in all aspects of detailing. Notice the work on this T-33 the trainer version of the F-80 Korean War Vintage "Shooting Star." It takes approximately 22 man hours with Alcoa's Aluminum Polish to complete this project. We ought to know; www.jetwashguys.com. And who better to trust than the producers of over 1/3 of all the aluminum mined and recycled in the world. Alcoa has with stood the test of time. Alcoa has also been instrumental in the legislation to require citizens to recycle aluminum that is necessary for so many of the needed products we take for granted everyday. Whether it is a beer can, aluminum rail car, Boeing 747 or Apollo Space Craft, you can bet it is made with Alcoa product.

We have tested these products and samples have been sent to all Detail Guys. We are approving this product after testing it on Aircraft and aluminum trim on vehicles, trucks and boats. There is no easy way to clean aluminum and to make it shine. Ask any Harley Davidson Motorcycle enthusiast, aircraft owner, yacht owner or show truck owner. There is no easy way. Yet one of the best products we have ever found is Alcoa's Aluminum Polishes. Not only is the product awesome, it is politically correct. Many might argue that Mother's Polish is the best for motorcycles and we have to agree Mother's is an excellent product, but when using large amounts to do large surfaces, there is a certain profit motivation with our team. Mother's Polishes of course are great and also approved. We thank Alcoa for licensing it's polish from it's state of the art, high tech Research and Development Group, to worthy distributors such as CLB Enterprises so it is available to our team at a low and fair price. It is this level of commitment to the market place that keeps our team in the winner's circle and Alcoa at the top of their game. After all aluminum is a perfect alloy for so many of mankind's most prized possessions and innovations. From the wheels on your hot rod to parts and components of the World's highest performance jet aircraft. And it has been for decades.

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