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Detail Guys Advise and Warn City of Phoenix Storm Water Department

As many of you know Detail Guys are on the absolute edge of the waste water rules and NPDES Best Management Practices. We have been known to insist in a nice legal way that cities, counties and state governments comply with their own laws and enforce their codes, rules, permits and laws. We have advised the City of Phoenix that the layer of top soil is sand and it is over 150 feet thick. As some people know sand is one of the best filters known to man. If wash water runs off into sand, it does not pose a threat in anyway to the environment. Only when it enters a storm drain and is taken into the natural water ways or into the SRP man-made canals in the area does it pose an environmental risk.

Although the Detail Guys often detail cars within a shop or enclosed environment due to the value of the cars and weather requirements, realize that many times we do business out in the open and we are careful to never allow wash water runoff into any storm drain.

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