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Rightlook.com Training and Catalog Approved

Rightlook.com's Founder, Mr. Stephen Powers, has been in the Auto Detailing Business for over 20 years and was a franchisee at one time for Detailing Franchise. Today they offer detailing products over the Interent and have shipped to all 50 states and 10 countries. Our Founder had good things about Rightlook.com's excellent advances in the detailing Industry and market, during our lunchtime meeting with Rightlook.com's President and Founder.


We at HQ have reviewed all of their video training tapes and thought that the technical information was outstanding. Many of our other team members and franchisees have purchased and reviewed the Full Detailing Parts of these tapes and reported back to us favorable ratings. With training as the key to any business we believe we need the best. We have found the best with Rightlook.com.

Rightlook also offers 4-Day in-house training programs in windshield repair, dent repair and complete detailing. They have set up special room rates at San Diego's Research Triangle Hotels for us and have agreed to arrange transportation from San Diego's Lindbergh Field, International Airport. Best of all during the tour of all the Rightlook.com facilities, we got the impression that Rightlook.com's name was very appropriate and found that all the crews in training from all over the country were wearing uniforms. Rightlook.com believes that in any business image is important to the customer and spend much effort in instilling those values into each professional detailer trainee. Check out www.rightlook.com to see all the great products and services that they offer. Each of our Team Members and Franchisees will receive a full color catalog from rightlook.com as well as a schedule of upcoming training times so they can expand their services to include additional profit centers for their Detail Guys Business.

Right look is located on Miramar Rd. across the street from the US Marine Air Base where our founder's brother is stationed as C-130 Hercules United States Marine Pilot in Command. Our founder felt like old times listening to the F-18's take off all day, having grown up on a military base. There is nothing like the sound of afterburners from the Trust of the powerful jet engines.

We thank Rightlook.com for their efforts to make the Detailing Industry the cleanest Industry on Earth through professional training and a winning attitude. Thanks Rightlook.com you are great. Check out their web site; www.rightlook.com

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