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Los Angeles City re-writes Founder's Car Wash Fundraiser Book
The City of Los Angeles Storm Water Program has recently re-written the Detail Guy's Founder's Fundraiser book to promote non-polluting fundraising events. The run-off from car wash fundraisers can hurt the environment with all those soapy suds.

We appreciate the work of the City of Los Angeles, the second biggest city in the nation for putting this book online and printing copies to all those 1000's of groups within their fine city who want to do fundraisers which build unity and team work. This has been an ongoing effort over the past two years and now it is online as well as in print for all the children of LA.

This book was re-written to be Politically Correct from our original book. We gave the City of Los Angeles complete copyright latitude as long as they used it to help people. Here is our original book. Click here for the book

We believe at The Detail Guys that you should give back to the communities you serve.

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