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Storm Drain Tests Continue

In looking for the most inexpensive and efficient way for Detail Guys to keep unwanted waste wash water from entering creeks, rivers, streams, storm drains and lakes, we have taken our research to nearly 10 states to find who manufacturers the best product with the most potential. Pictured here is a product that works on a very simple principle and is used frequently in the Western States in construction projects to prevent contaminants during the construction process from entering the nearby storm drain. We test this BMP and found it quite a great idea. The filter membrane is set over the storm drain and the steel cover is wedged back into place holding the filter membrane in place.

As many of you know we are looking for a way for all businesses to easily comply with the Federal Clean Water Act as much as possible. However since the Federal Clean Water Act is now so many pages, it maybe nearly impossible for anyone to fully comply, including God, who controls the rain? I would like to see the government try to sue him on behalf of the fish and see what happens.

We have also looked at a few other "in drain systems" such as Safe Drain Inc., which is becoming a favorite of Municipalities on the East Coast. Drain Safe which originated in Silicon Valley where the devises are readily recognized by reviewers of the NPDES Permits and running the Storm Water Programs there are rapidly expanding their technologies along the Eastern Sea Board throughout the Megalopolis region.

In this newest report by the State of Oregon's Storm Water Mitigation team, (click here for the report) we find that this technique is gaining support by many in the field including our team at the Detail Guys. This BMP is gaining support from both the business and the environmental side and it somewhat replaces other technology. However for complete control of the process the EPA also is recommending a more advanced device that can be used more permanently.

The company which has designed and patented these devises was of extreme interest to our team and we visited the facility in 1999 to see their latest technology.

We have had a terrible time trying to get through to EPA and Local government storm water programs who would prefer to stay in the office schedule meetings for weeks in advance and sit in committees talking about such stuff. They are more concerned with collecting fines, harassing businesses and pushing paper than fixing the problems. On their off time they cruise around in their SUV gas guzzling cars or 1976 Volvo Wagons with leaky rings spewing smoke out of the back, but are grandfathered into the emission laws. They hop out in their Birkenstocks, act snooty to everyone and are consumers just like you and I. Yes they all have PhDs and higher degrees, but Calvin Coolidge warned us about the educated derelicts out there, well now we know them by name. It is time to stop talking, stop the fines and harassment and start doing. We can all use such simple techniques to help clean the water and we will all live happier and healthier lives.

Detail Guys are 100% for the environment while simultaneously promoting business, strategic growth, jobs and economic prosperity for all.

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