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Team Wash Guys visited Tempe, AZ to help launch the newest concept of the WashGuys. The Boat Wash Guys final prototype is now completed and ready to launch. This Pontoon Boat is 22 feet in length and has enough useful load to carry a 200 gallon water tank with fresh water, a steam cleaning unit and two crew members.

Washing the World on Land & Sea

We wish to thank the following people for their input, knowledge, research, writing and hard work on this project. For help with the manual; Marine Washing, Detailing and Reconditioning. Authored by Lance Winslow III, Founder of WashGuy.com. Editing by Andy Spanfelner (Chief Advisor to the Boat Wash Guys) and Lance Winslow III and Allison Hill (Advantage Publishing Co.) Typing by Ame Groff (franchisee in PA), Research by Pat Ries, Will Blackburn-Alpha and Bravo Research, Contributing Content by Nathan Dunford, Appendix by Pat Ries (Wash Guys Public Relations Department), Foorzan Labib (State of Washington Environmental Division), Additional Editorial Content by Rodney Adkins (Operations Manager CTS Cleaning Systems, Inc.), Howard and Jason Krew (AAA Pressure Washers, Inc.), Dock Wood Cleaning section by Steve Stephens of Hydrotech and Dr. Alan Ross of Wolman Wood Care Products, Chris Detter (Sun Brite, GA) Buffing Pads section by Kevin Farrell of Kleen Car Detailing, Web Site by Richard Urich of Parthe.net, Military section by Captain Warren P. MacBride with information from Handbook #616 from SBA, Glass Treatment section by Tim Bloom (Window Wash Guys), and Glass Coating section by Tony Gedeon of Adsil. For equipment work and designs, thanks to Howard and Jason Krew of AAA Pressure Wash LTD. For Logo and marketing material work thanks to the Art Department.

Our Founder Lance Winslow has been developing this concept for over 2 years and has spent over 500 hours personally on this project developing manuals, methods and marketing techniques.

Many of our team members have been in the Marine Industry for years and have helped us with ideas to make this one the greatest WashGuy concepts ever.

Our customers are demanding services for their boats and are requesting that we come to their boats, without having to remove them from the water.

Some of the larger Yachts are out on the end of the docks and difficult or impossible to get to with our conventional units, we had to find a way. We previously had built a couple of prototypes but felt they could not handle the volume of work. We also worked through difficulties concerning environmental regulations, Marina permits, marketing and safety.

0622_06.jpg (23426 bytes)

Finally we have what we believe will be a new innovation in cleaning. WashGuys on the Land, Air and on the Sea. For more information go to Boat Wash Guys.

We are pleased to announce our future plans to do mobile marine oil changes and environmental spill control on the water within the next six months. We would like to thank all of our current Boat Owner customers for their support, input and ideas and for pushing us to deliver them exactly what they want.

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