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WashGuys does their part to help the fresh water supply in Lake Mead and the Colorado River

In our quest to be on the leading edge of waste water issues and to protect the waterways which transverse this great nation delivering fresh water to all Americans, WashGuys is proud to announce it's efforts to unite the mobile washing industry to higher standards. We have volunteered to work with the Southern Nevada Regional Conglomeration of Agencies to help the fresh water supply in Lake Mead and the Colorado River.

Here is the hand out created by our environmental team to work with the many small businesses which currently make up our Mobile Washing Industry. This hand out will be available at all Las Vegas area equipment suppliers and chemical distributors to our industry. It will also be distributed by The Car Wash Guys, Detail Guys and other WashGuys Team Members in the Greater Las Vegas Area to all mobile washing operators.

We are working closely with the City of North Las Vegas and the cities Public Works-Resources and Environmental Division, We will be setting up a video taped demonstration for all environmental government agencies in Southern Nevada. We plan on taking this tape to other jurisdictions in multiple states where we operate or will soon operate. It is our intention to show the industry how to comply with the Federal Clean Water Act of 1972 Mandates and the locally enforced NPDES Permits (National Pollution Discharge Elimination System). We have researched and discovered many new inexpensive techniques allowing independent businesses to operate mobile washing services without being shut down due to increasing enforcement of the latest environmental laws.

Below is the Hand Out now being distributed to all Mobile Washing Operators in the Southern Nevada Region. We will be taking a tour of the State of Nevada and launch this effort in Ely, Elko, South Lake Tahoe, Tonopah, Winnemucca, Pahrump, Carson City, Fallon, Battle Mountain, Sparks, Henderson, Laughlin, Hawthorne, and Wendover. We expect this project to be done by mid April. As many of you know WashGuys has been instrumental in setting up the California Non-Point Source Discharge Mobile Surface cleaning BMPs (Best Management Prcatices) with their work with BAASMA (Bay Area Association of Surface Cleaners), counties of Santa Clara, Los Angeles, San Diego and Ventura in California. We were one of the first mobile washing companies in the world to deal with this issue back in 1987 in California and were able to better the strict criteria for storm water discharge as outlined in 13.260 - 13.286 in the California Water Code.

Our team has worked with the State of Colorado and the Trucking Association there on environmental washing solutions, so trucking companies could remove the Magnesium Chloride off the frames of their trucks with out being fined by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for using chemicals which could not be treated by Type III, tertiary treatment plants at the many cities POTWs (Publically Owned Treatment Works-Sewer Treatment Plants). We were the only company to have the proper cleaning agents to do this. Eventhough the DOT (Department of Transportation) put the chemical on the road and wrote tickets for corrosion if it were not cleaned off for safety reasons.

We later met with the DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) authorities in Pennsylvania, and then in Georgia arguing our premise of proper BMPs that satisfy their own state statues. We then offered our expertise and solutions to environmental washing problems in the future. Our team set up most of the BMPs in Montana, now our standards are considered common practice amongst all companies washing their own vehicles or contract companies offering mobile washing services. We have studied the solutions of over 50 governmental environmental regulatory agencies, cities, counties, states and the EPA.

In many states there are multiple overlapping agencies such as the Coastal Commission, Army Corp of Engineers, Fish and Game, EPA and Regional Water Quality Control Boards. It is good to be in the know with environmental agencies. It is good to be the consultants and set the standards in the Industry. We have more environmentally friendly car wash trucks than anyone else on the Planet. We will soon be taking this information to Mexico, to help them with their water resource issues.

Here is the current work and hand out being delivered in the Las Vegas NV Region.

Click here to download the PDF.

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