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Lance Winslow's ancestry traced back to the Mayflower Voyage

Our founder Lance Winslow is a true Blue Blood, twice over. Recently his ancestry was traced all the way back to the Mayflower Voyage. Both Edward Winslow, later a Governor and Governor Bradford of the Mayflower are direct descendants of Mr. Winslow.

Also in Lance's lineage is Bettsy Ross the maker of the American Flag. And countless other Great Americans.

Click here to see Lance's Lineage tracing back to before the Mayflower Voyage. Many people claim to be descendants of the Mayflower and today there are quite a few of those descendants amongst us. For instance our current President George W. Bush is also a direct descendant of the Mayflower along with his family. It is obvious that the founders of this great nation believed in something so strongly that even to this day they persevere to keep us strong. Lance and his family are that type of Americans. Lance's dad was a Naval Aviator flying fighter jets, and Grandpa Winslow was Nuclear Physicist at SLAC. Lance's brother is a US Marine pilot and grandfathers (3 in all) were part of the reason we won WWII. One flew a B-17, another was a Co-Pilot on a B-24.

When it comes to fighting for a just and noble cause you can bet Mr. Winslow along with his family will be there for The United States of America. The Wash Guys and Team Yellow are here to serve.

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