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Team Wash Guys Have Completed Second USA Tour

The Corporate Command Center, Blitz Mobile II has just completed it's second USA tour after having visited every state in the Continental US twice. As it embarks on it's third complete and final Tour before retirement and Blitz Mobile III takes over, we want everyone to know that the Wash Guys get the picture, the whole picture.

Sam Walton who founded WalMart, America's Largest Corporation traveled around the country in an Aircoupe and a Motorhome visiting sites, checking out markets and buying properties to set up his stores. Ray Kroc at age 53 embarked on his mission and for five years nearly broke he traveled the country in a bus viewing markets and setting up McDonald's QSR's. The founder of Jani-King now with over 4000 franchises also traveled the country setting up markets and selling accounts for franchisees, sometimes sleeping in his car after traveling for hours unable to find a room. It is this level of dedication that we honor and respect and are willing to endure to insure the Brand Name is seen and heard and eventually used by all peoples of the Planet as we "Wash The World."

If you will recall other stories such as Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, Sobe, Century 21 and Duncan Donuts, also took the show on the road, literally to alert the people of a better way. A better mouse trap. That is what we are doing an why we are doing it. To see some of the places we have been check out these pages:

America, we have got you covered from coast to coast. Got Dirt?

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