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Detail Guys Founder
Visits Montrose Colorado to view Reclaim Device

WashGuys in our pursuit to find the simplest and most effective reclaim Device drive to Montrose, Colorado to meet with Dominic La Joy.

This Device is called a vacu-boom system, with his innovation of a sock membrane cover. We have thus renamed it to; "Vacu-Sock System or VSS-1 Storm Water Mitigation Device. We believe we can help him design an even better Device and allow him to test it for our team on his regular customers for ease of use, efficiency and performance. This is just one way we can hyperspace the Industry and bring cleaner water for all. This Device works as a suction Device and simultaneously works as a filter as the flow rate increases to prevent any contaminated wash water waste to enter any storm drain. It is such grass roots genius and the necessity (mother of invention) that such Devices and innovations enter the market place. Leave it to the entrepreneur to lead the World into the next millennium.

Dominic always has this Device with him on every job site to insure a clean environment. As we travel the country to learn how we can be better at what we do we observe everything. We study the environmental industry, look for onerous government intervention, receive ideas from our vendors, licensees, team members, associates and franchisees. We also watch to see if the competition is paying attention and what they are doing to mitigate the impact of negative environmental concerns in our industry. We fight for the industry to see that we stay leading edge as a whole thus increasing the market pie to include every man woman and child and anything that even remotely needs to be cleaned. If it needs to be washed, you can bet that a WashGuy or a responsible competitor will be there to clean it.

After we finished at the Colorado State Fair and learned about the seriousness of this extended drought, we also had factored in the problem of the contaminants being a larger issue. As the is the same amount of pollution and half the water, the pollution concentrate is therefore double, thus we must eliminate half of all pollution. Typically the answer to pollution is dilution, over when the dilution ratios go up the only other option is "not to pollute."

The WashGuys will continue our quest to find the best, put it to the test and help the rest. We will continue our mission to leave no stone un turned until we have exhausted every possible resource and toured the world to bring our team the proper solutions for a cleaner tomorrow.

We must, we can, we will TOGETHER.

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