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The Detail Guys Open New Shop in Washington

We have studied the market to determine where the greatest opportunities lie in the detailing industry. What many fail to realize is that there are times when a detail shop fixed location is the best option as opposed to a Mobile Detail Trailer. For instance in certain regions where weather is seasonal for outside detailing and artificial conditions have to be created to conduct operations.

Working in an artificial environment has it's challenges. Lighting is a big issue. Artificial lighting can make it tough to see spots on the vehicle that were missed or not completed to the show room finish you are looking for in a completed detail. This can be counteracted in a number of ways. Specialty lighting, reflective flooring and walls, mirrors and natural light from the outside through windows and skylights. In a shop which can at times need to be fully operational 24/7 it is necessary to pay important attention to these considerations.

A shop also has advantages over the mobile operations in weather such as low temperatures, dense fog, high winds, ice, hail, and rain. Such conditions do not allow products to work their best for the best possible results. In certain regions and various times of the year production will slow down without proper consideration to weather conditions. An enclosed operation can also help in keeping workers happy out of rain, wind, heat or freezing weather. We use space heaters in Reno, NV and Bozeman, MT in the shops in the Winter time along with special lighting and reflective surfaces. The shop in Washington will have some of these capabilities as needed. It rains a lot in Washington in the winter and therefore the necessity to have an enclosed and moderate temperature environment is important.

As many of you know our preferred supplier of Detailing Products in many parts of the country is Auto Magic. They are also used by our Franchisees in Houston, San Antonio and San Marcos, Texas. We use many of their products because their product line is probably the best over all and they have "Clay Magic" which is used to remove pollen marks, overspray and fallout off clear coats without damaging the finish.

One of the nicest things about setting up a fixed shop as opposed to a mobile one is that we can have more types of products available for special uses to insure the finest possible results in our work. It also allows us to set up a shop where we can move towards a more efficient platform and work space. Much has been written on this subject. However the industry leaders have proven the test of time and continually update and innovate and of course we are the greatest recipients of their conquest to build the best possible and most efficient assembly style techniques. Bud Abrams invented this nifty all in one unit:

This is just one innovation of the business minded professional detailer. Bud has been the leader Auto Detailing for over 30 years. We know when we have a question Bud, has an answer. As you can see by our Washington Detail Center Lay out we have things under control. Bud has spent years perfecting the most possible efficiencies in the industry and the greatest achievements in work flow models and shop lay outs. Bud is the Henry Ford of the Auto Detailing Industry. Click here to see the world's most efficient layout for detailing automobiles.

Also important is the greater chance for perfection, after you lessen the variables created by an outside environment such as dust particles from wind, wax drying inconsistent rates and rain issues. By using check lists and creating a Six Sigma quality assurance program and concentrating on TQM along with such principles as ISO 9001 type standards in procedures you can literally claim to do a perfect job. Our goal is not to eliminate the artist who is a "Detailer" but to add to this an element of perfection, not readily seen in our industry. The Wash Guys are not just limited to Wholesale Detail work for Rent-A-Car Companies, Auto Auctions, Bank Repo Work, New and Used Car Dealerships, but also to such things as Winterization of Boats, refinishing of Boat Decks, polishing of tuna towers and tie down hooks on marine vessels.

Then of course there is aircraft and jet detailing too.

And we must not forget the 14% of all vehicles on the road which bring us everything we buy, Trucks.

By understanding flow processes in a systematic, quality controlled setting we can insure on maximizing our resources to effectively increase profits and increase productivity. For information on what it means to work in such an environment may we suggest the books; "Finite Capacity Scheduling"

Click Here for more details.

Many people fail to understand how WashGuys can have all the best equipment, image, pay the best salaries and still charge less? Had they really looked at our operation they would say, why are you charging so much? We believe with economies of scale that franchises typically can deliver and the proper selection in our arsenal of competitive techniques that the game is actually won before it ever starts. When we enter or even many times start a price war, we know we can outlast the competition simply by efficiency.

In the Business of Detailing, which in fact it is a business, the trophy goes to not only the best artist in the field but the most efficient company that can take that level of artistry and refine it into a system of maximum productivity. Without sounding too much like the late Henry Ford, we would like to make one comment. No matter what you thought about his views on other issues, his methodology which was later refined into many different industries is the reason we won W.W.II. It is also the reason Ford Motor Company is one the strongest and longest standing companies in the world today. And thank God it is, without all those cars their would be less automobiles to detail.

As we continue to win markets and lead the field in our industry we always call on the best of the best to help us win. Many times that just may mean calling on ourselves.

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