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When we construct our Detail Guys™ Trailers we use all of the materials we purchase leaving no scrap metal.  Every last piece of metal is used on the trailer. This helps to keep us on the leading edge of the ecological and environmental efforts.

tour1.jpg (11630 bytes)

Every imperfection in the metal is ground down to make for a flawless paint job.  Each trailer is meticulously inspected by members of The Detail Guys senior staff.

tour2.jpg (9141 bytes)

Each trailer is reinforced with side and cross members with heavy guage steel.  After construction, each trailer is taken off road, and tested for durability over bumps and debris.  If any welds come undone or anything breaks it is immediately repaired and the problem analyzed to ensure a repeat does not occur.

tour3.jpg (13019 bytes)

Our trailers are so durable that you cannot break them.  If for some reason you do such as driving off an overpass we have spare trailers which we loan to you.  This is a service which is paid for from your franchise royalties. 

 tour5.jpg (11030 bytes)

Each wall is constructed with 1/8 inch steel and shock mounted with silicon caulking compound, so that it doesn't leak when it rains or rattle when you drive over speedbumps or over curbs.  We have spent over $55,000 in the prototype development model.

tour6.jpg (12225 bytes)

Each siding is etched with a special rust inhibited compound and sanded to ensure paint sticks in the most extreme environments.  

 tour7.jpg (12571 bytes)

Each trailer is then prepped and painted   Dodge viper bright yellow, a special color used by racing companies on the Indy circuit.  

tour8.jpg (12001 bytes)

The paint is a formulated blend and is a two-stage paint, which must be painted at a certain temperature.   The paint job is then baked for 6.5 hours at 147 degrees.  The result is a perfect paint job, painted by Ron Sutton and his crew, with a combined painting experience of 46 years.

tour9.jpg (11660 bytes)

This is what the trailer looks like before the reflex blue grade II decals are applied at room temperature.

tour10.jpg (10227 bytes)

Click here to view information on the engine package that our mobile detail units come equipped with.

Click here to take a tour of a completed detail trailer.

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